Social Housing Consultancy

The European Public Contracts Directive (2004/18/EC) applies to Public Authorities including, amongst others, Government Departments, Local Authorities and NHS Authorities and Trusts.

The directives set out detailed procedures for the award of contracts whose value equals or exceeds specific thresholds. Details of the thresholds, applying from 1st January 2010 are given below. Thresholds are net of VAT.

Public contracts regulations 2006 – from 1 January 2010

Bruce Stevenson has a wealth of experience in providing assistance to Housing Associations and our approach can be summarised as follows:

  • An analysis of the current policies in place against the risks that the Associations face. Rather than simply enshrining any historical gaps in cover into the new contract, we take a full review based on our experience along coupled with discussions involving your various departments.
  • A review of the current Risk Management strategy so that it can be highlighted within the tender specification.
  • A review of your Corporate level threats so any transferable risks can incorporated into the tender specification.
  • Publication of the procurement notice so that relevant Insurers / Brokers will apply. This would include structuring the Contract Notice so that only insurers with high financial solvency may apply.
  • Design and issuance of the tender specification in a format and language which will minimise repeat questions being asked by prospective tenders.
  • An analysis of your claims performance so that the tender is produced and conveyed in a manner which will provide the Association with most competitive terms.
  • Agree an objective measure against which returned tenders can be assessed, both from a qualitative and cost prospective.
  • Produce report on each of the candidate’s tenders and translating the terminology
  • Be present at the tender opening and transition management meeting.

We have applied this approach to a number of customers recently and we would like you to review the attached testimonials in order to learn more.

What our Clients Say:

‘We experienced strong competition from insurers to win our insurance portfolio which resulted in Viewpoint experiencing tangible premium savings. This was particularly pleasing given the increased level of cover we purchased. We were delighted to have worked with Richard (Bruce Stevenson) on this proposal and appreciated his commitment to ensure we achieved a positive outcome. ‘

Viewpoint Housing Association

‘Manor Estates recently engaged the services of Richard McDonald of Bruce Stevenson to provide Consultancy services for our Insurance Procurement. We have reviewed and enhanced several aspects of our insurance in order that the Association benefit from the best possible protection from the marketplace and I am confident that with his input, we will obtain the best possible value for money once the process has been completed.
Richard is approachable, diligent and is able to convey the details in plain English and I felt at ease with his approach.‘

Manor Estates Housing Association

‘Despite KHA having incurred some large losses in recent years, Richard’s input helped to secure premiums which were lower than lose previously paid. We found that Richard was attentive and professional in his approach and was able to convey the detail of insurances in an easy to understand manner.
We would have no hesitation in recommending him to a business seeking to add value to its insurance tendering process.‘

Kingdom Housing Association

‘Through his (Richard) input Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association obtained a high degree of insurer and broker participation.  This resulted in the association releasing a saving of £200,000 over the 3 year contract period, which was an excellent result, at a time when Hanover is seeking saving and efficiencies from all areas of the business.‘

Hanover (Scotland) Housing Association