Risk Management

Dodging Food Poisoning at Christmas

It’s not long now until Christmas dinner will be taking centre stage on our dining tables. Fridges are bursting full with festive food and it’s party time. How do you avoid giving the unwanted gift of food poisoning to your guests? Bacteria can spread from raw meat and poultry to worktops, chopping boards, dishes and […]

Renewable Energy Department at Bruce Stevenson

Two days within the Renewable Energy Department at Bruce Stevenson are very rarely the same.  Whilst we are insurance brokers at heart, our team is very much within the Renewables sector as well.  In fact, we estimate that only 20% of our time is spent actually placing insurance.  The remainder of the time we are […]

Brand Refresh for Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers

2017 has been a year of consolidation and steady growth for Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers. We are now addressing plans for continued growth and investment in professional development. Over the course of the last 6 months we have reviewed our current branding and we are now delighted to launch our new, refreshed look.   This […]

Preparing your property for winter

With the cold weather settling in, now is a good time to prepare against the perils of winter and to help prevent damage to your property investment. Freezing pipes One of the most common causes of property damage during winter is freezing pipes, which can lead to a burst pipe resulting in, sometimes, large-scale water […]

Crime at Christmas Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers

Keeping burglars at bay!

Santa won’t be arriving for another few days and when he does arrive he’ll be coming down the chimney. Each year levels of criminal activity peak at Christmas time. It is a time of giving and receiving, but more importantly a time which thieves thrive on. Here are our top tips for having a safe […]