Home Renovations

Undertaking home renovations? Make sure you let us know.

Bruce Stevenson Insurance Brokers are experts at arranging insurance for your home and building works. We have a specialist knowledge in providing insurance solutions to homeowners who are undertaking high value renovation or extension works. Clients’ homes are often their most valuable asset with rebuild values in excess of £1m.  Renovation work can be an exciting but sometimes stressful project. Insurance cover must be checked prior to undertaking any work;

  • Will your existing insurers cover the buildings work?
  • If they do what exclusions may apply?
  • What is the maximum value of works permitted under your existing policy?
  • What is the project timescale?

We highlight to clients why it is essential that they remain in control of the insurance arrangements for their home and not rely on a contractor’s insurance to provide cover for the contract works. Home insurers are often unable to accept the risk of insuring the home if it is undergoing works in excess of £50,000.  Some home insurers may not be willing to insure your home at all if undergoing any sort of building works. This could leave your home uninsured if for example, a fire breaks out unrelated to the building works. Our ability to advise how to effectively protect the existing structure and insure the contract works under one policy means there are no gaps in cover or grey areas. This allows a cleaner, simpler claims process should there be complications. Whether the property is listed, a home of heritage status, a country or townhouse, we work with specialist insurers flexible enough to offer competitive and comprehensive cover. As an independent broker, we are committed to providing the best possible service, advice and support. We would welcome the opportunity to review and quote for your insurance needs on a no-obligation basis.

For further information, please contact your account handler or call us on 0131 553 2293 | email priv[email protected].