Edinburgh Care Forum

The Edinburgh Care Forum

We are delighted to announce that Alexandra Richards from our Private Client team has been accepted on to the Edinburgh Care Forum.  The goal of the Forum is to provide a high level of advice and support to those in need of specialist care. At Bruce Stevenson we know that insurance can be a complex issue and it can be a burden when ill-health or family issues bring a change in circumstances and priorities.

As members of the Edinburgh Care Forum, we can help to shoulder the burden of insurance  at these times (ensuring that a home is insured whilst unoccupied for instance), and we’ll work with other ECF members with complementary skills, including trusted lawyers, property managers, financial planners and other advisers, to be part of the crucial ‘circle of care’.

If you or a family member feel you might need some help and advice please get in touch with Alexandra on 07464 545648 | 0131 553 2293 | [email protected] or take a look at www.edinburghcareforum.com.