Preparing your property for winter

With the cold weather settling in, now is a good time to prepare against the perils of winter and to help prevent damage to your property investment.

Freezing pipes

One of the most common causes of property damage during winter is freezing pipes, which can lead to a burst pipe resulting in, sometimes, large-scale water damage.

There are ways to help prevent this, including checking pipes for any noticeable cracks. RICS also recommend that any external pipes are insulated to minimise heat loss and prevent your pipes from freezing.

Service your boiler

Ensure that your boiler has been recently serviced by a Gas Safe engineer and is in working order.

Although this may come at a cost, it is far more cost effective than having to fully replace a faulty boiler in the event of a break-down. This will also assist in keeping your pipes warm and prevent freezing throughout the colder months.

Unoccupied properties

As your property may become unoccupied during the festive period, it’s important to review your insurance policy for any unoccupancy conditions that apply. You may need to notify your insurer that the property will be empty, or your insurer may request that your central heating is left on at a certain temperature (or in some cases the mains services are turned off).

If you are unsure, give us a call and we would be happy to review your policy. Failure to adhere to these conditions may result in a claim being repudiated leaving you out of pocket following a loss.

This is also a good opportunity to ensure that your existing policy is fit for purpose, e.g. landlords should ensure that a specialist landlord insurance is in place.

Roof and drains

Remember to ensure your drains, gutters and overflow pipes have been inspected by a qualified contractor and cleared of any blockages.

Falling Autumn leaves can potentially result in blocked gutters – this can lead to water damage on the roof and may cause damage to the walls of your property.

Have your roof checked for any cracked or missing slates, as this can also result in water damage to your property.

Give us a call

During winter it is better to be ‘safe than sorry’. If have any questions about your insurance policy looked after by Bruce Stevenson, or if you would like a no obligation quotation, please give us a call and we would be delighted to assist you.

Property Account Executive, Jamie McKenzie [email protected] or 07789403990

The Importance of Landlords Insurance

Edinburgh Landlord/Buy To Let Insurance

It’s important to make sure you have the right cover in place for your buy-to-let/landlords insurance. Edinburgh-based Property Account Executive, Jamie McKenzie, has extensive experience in this field and offers up some insurance guidance for landlords and letting agents.

Buy To Let/Landlords Insurance Advice

Don’t overlook it

The growth of the buy-to-let market exposes property owners and landlords to risk, so it’s essential that you’re adequately covered for your let property. A buy-to-let property is a major investment and a comprehensive landlords insurance policy is imperative to protect you from any potential damage or losses involved with letting a property.

Know what you need

Normal home insurance policies will not provide the level of cover that you require to protect your assets as a landlord. You may, therefore, be left out of pocket following a loss. Your buy-to-let property is a valuable asset and it is essential you are sufficiently covered in respect of your Buildings & Contents in the event of a loss, such as fire or storm damage.

Get the numbers right

Have your property surveyed for an accurate valuation of your buildings reinstatement sum insured. Landlords Contents provides cover for items in the flat such as furniture, carpets, televisions, electronic equipment and sofas. Make sure that property owner’s liability is in place to cover the costs and damages made towards anyone who has suffered an injury following an accident on your premises.

Search the market

Many insurance brokers offer landlords contents insurance and cover following accidental damage to your buildings as an extra, however, some do offer this cover as standard so it’s worth shopping around.

Extra protection

You can protect against malicious damage or theft by the tenant and for periods of unoccupancy as there are a number of reasons why your property may be empty from time to time, including periods of renovation or between lets. Many insurers will exclude or restrict cover while the property is empty so you need to ensure that you have full cover in place while your property is unoccupied. Any insurance policy should also provide cover in respect of trace and access e.g. sourcing and repairing the cause of damage, such as leaking pipes. Many policies exclude this or offer a low limit of cover.

Manage your losses

Your property may become uninhabitable following an insured loss such as fire or flooding, which would result in a loss of rental income. It is important to protect your income during this period as well as other costs such as temporary alternative accommodation for tenants

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Property Market Update – January 2016

National Landlord Day

Our Property Team are busy getting ready to exhibit at National Landlord Day on Tuesday 4 November at Dynamic Earth.


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