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Dodging Food Poisoning at Christmas

It’s not long now until Christmas dinner will be taking centre stage on our dining tables. Fridges are bursting full with festive food and it’s party time. How do you avoid giving the unwanted gift of food poisoning to your guests? Bacteria can spread from raw meat and poultry to worktops, chopping boards, dishes and […]

Cycling can be a risky business!

With our Corporate Ambassador, Mark Beaumont now back in one piece (broken tooth and fractured elbow aside!), from his World Cycle, we have considered the potential hazards of this ever-growing sport.  Before we embark on a cycle or car journey most people undertake a mental Risk Assessment without even realising it. Things to do, things […]

Risk Management Service

Risk management is defined as the continuing process to identify, analyse, evaluate and treat loss exposures.  It’s essential to monitor risk control and financial resources to mitigate the potential adverse effects of loss. Loss can result from a number of factors such as the financial risk from liability judgements and claims, operational risks from strikes […]