Entries by Jean Arnott-Glennie

Farming Insights – The End of Milk Quotas

Milk quotas were introduced by the EU in 1984 in order to curb the increase in dairy production.  You may recall the “Butter Mountains” and the “Milk Lakes” of the 1970’s?  The introduction of quotas applied to both milk and other dairy products. With the abolition of the EU milk quotas, taking effect on 1st […]

Farming Insights – Arable/Barley

Spring sees our farmers busy in the fields, sowing spring crops: spring wheat, oats and spring barley. The wheat and oats are usually grown for milling. The barley can be described as either malting quality which is sold for distilling or brewing; or feed barley which will be kept for own livestock feed or sold […]

Bruce Stevenson Insights – Calving

With another fatal accident to a farmer working with cows and young calves recently in the headlines, it is a timely reminder of the dangers that are faced on farm during the calving season. Calving is split often into spring and autumn calving, with many farmers opting to have the calves born over the winter months of […]

Bruce Stevenson insights – lambing season

Although the Pedigree lambing season is now past, many of the country’s sheep farmers are getting underway with their commercial lambing. Although the days are starting to get longer and the weather is supposed to be improving, there can still be periods of heavy snow or rain, storm strength winds and a wind chill factor […]

Bruce Stevenson insights – Poultry update

There have been several developments recently within the poultry sector in Scotland. Since December 2013, the company which supplied the day old chicks to the poultry rearers began a restructuring process. The result of this, was that the number of independent poultry producers in Scotland has now dropped from 28 to 12. In addition, the […]

Bruce Stevenson insights – Rural theft

Rural Theft – Scrap metal We have recently received reports of the theft of Scrap Metal from farms. It seems that although the thieves may be somewhat opportunist in their actions, they have already sourced someone to buy the goods from them and in fact are stealing “to order”.  The location may be random but […]